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Harrison goes to America for University


Today I am a happy man indeed. Emotional in fact. Exactly 25 years ago today, on the 22nd August 1992, I left my village in Kenya, went to the airport and boarded an airplane that took me to America to begin my further studies at Harvard. This was after having had my early education sponsored by a generous Swedish stranger, Ms Hilde Back (pictured). Today, another lucky Kenyan boy has just left his village under very similar circumstances and boarded an airplane for the first time to go to America for his unviversity studies. Harrison Kitema, whose education was sponsored by the Hilde Back Education Fund (, the Kenyan charity that was named after my Swedish benefactor, is on his way to Pennsylvania, where he will study at the reputed Franklin and Marshall University. It's a dream come true for Harrison. As for me and Hilde as well as for the foundation, it's a moment of great pride.

Harrison scored A in each of the 8 subjects he was examined on. He is no doubt one of Kenya's finest young minds. We wish him the best as he embarks on this new journey in America, and look forward to welcoming him back in a few years to help us educate and empower more poor kids, for EDUCATION IS A HUMAN RIGHT!!!

By Chris Mburu - HBEF Founder

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Free public screening of 'A small Act' in Seattle

If you are in Seattle and can make it for 'A small Act' screening please see the details below; there will be a Q & A session afterwards with HBEF founder Chris Mburu and Kimani Patrick who are both featured in the film.

Last Updated on Wednesday, 12 July 2017 05:00

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Quality free education

HBEF's founder Chris Mburu running in Geneva to advocate for not only free education but quality free education for all children under the age of 18.
"Today I am running by the lake in the beautiful Swiss city of Geneva. Switzerland's public education is free and of a very high quality. We can all make education free everywhere especially for children 18 and under. Because EDUCATION IS A HUMAN RIGHT!!" Chris Mburu

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Encouraging Stories

I am Nancy Adhiambo 2012-2015 student and a beneficiary of HEF program. Am writing to sincerely appreciate the founders of this education program that founded my education process during my 4 years of study in high school.. Thank you all and may God bless you..

Last Updated on Wednesday, 28 June 2017 15:25

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Enock Mulatya

Enock Mulatya, Lenana School, Form 2 got a chance to meet his sponsor for the first time yesterday at the HBEF offices in Nairobi. Not all our beneficiaries have the chance to meet their sponsors in person but it sure is a dream for almost all our beneficiaries. Enock's smile tells it all.

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Success Stories - Joy Kafuko

Joy Kafuko (HBEF Beneficiary 2013-2016) who scored well enough to qualify to join a public university - she will be joining university in September 2017. Joy says her greatest achievement is being enrolled to her dream university and pursuing a course that can help her use her skills and abilities widely.
Joy was partially sponsored by one of our Kenyan partners Kenya Community Development Foundation
You too can make a difference by taking up sponsorship in 2018 and making a difference in the life of a needy child by providing them the opportunity of an education. Sign up here:

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2018 Call to Sponsorship!

HBEF is currently supporting 237 Secondary School Children in 2017 under the 4 Years Scholarship Program having supported a total of 673 students this far. The Sponsor to Child Program relies on individuals and organizations and we are grateful to all our sponsors for their support.

HBEF would like to extend an invitation to you to take up sponsorship in 2018 by making a difference in the life of a needy child by providing them the opportunity of an education. 

Sign up to sponsor a child in 2018 here:…/callfor2018sponsorship

Should you have any questions and/or require more information please do not hesitate to contact HBEF.

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April 2017 Busia BMSV

HBEF Busia county students and parents receiving a word of advice from the District Education Officer - Mr. George Ouma on best practices to succeed in secondary school. HBEF is honoured to be able to work with the County Education Officers around the country.

Last Updated on Tuesday, 23 May 2017 12:26

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HBEF 2017 Students

HBEF continues to select bright and needy children each year who deserve a chance at secondary education. This year we have selected an additional 54 students to join the HBEF Family in various schools across the country. We are grateful to each and every sponsor ass we wouldn't be able to do our work without you. Thank you!

To view the list of current students kindly visit our website here:…/currentstudents

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April 2017 Migori BMSV

HBEF Migori County students during the April meeting as the HBEF sponsorship Officer - Joan takes them through the day's program.

Last Updated on Tuesday, 16 May 2017 08:48

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Kiambu April 2017 BMSV

Kiambu Form 1 students at the recently concluded Beneficiary and Monitoring Support Visits(BMSV). HBEF staff are now working on preparing an update to all sponsors.

Last Updated on Monday, 08 May 2017 08:01

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