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'a small act Jamii' launched on 3rd October 2018 during Ms Hilde Back's 96th Birthday, is a community of HBEF stakeholders coming together to support the work of HBEF. Since its inception in 2001, HBEF has supported the education of more than 700 students.

HBEF beneficiaries have drawn inspiration from the story of Founder Chris Mburu whose education was made possible by ' a small act' of generosity by his childhood benefactor; Ms Hilde Back and who through HBEF has in turn made possible the multiplication of many 'small good acts'.

Along the sponsorship journey, most students express their aspiration to do their own 'small act' as a way of showing appreciation for the generosity bestowed upon them through the sponsorship. 'a small act Jamii' is a channel that enables these aspiration to come to reality.

All HBEF current and post beneficiaries together with their parents/guardians and friends now have an opportunity to extend the same generosity by giving any amount of money towards the support of other bright needy children.

Starting January 2019 two students (Brian Olesoite studing at Chewoyet High School and Ivonne Lobura Aworun at Chogoria Girls High School) have been supported with funds raised from 'a small act Jamii'. )

'If you do something good, it can spread in circles like rings on the water' Ms Hilde Back 


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