The Sky is the Limit Edward !!!


Edward Karumba, one of HBEF leading students in the 2017 Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education was recently awarded a scholarship by Master Card Foundation to study at Sciences Po University in France. At HBEF we celebrate with Edward and wish him all the best as he proceeds on with his education journey.

  1. 1)Please give us a brief about yourself, your family, your upbringing and schooling.

My name is Edward Karumba, I’m 17 years old and I was born in Kinangop, Nyandarua County. My family consists of five children raised by both parents. My father who is a driver and my mother who is a casual laborer. My brother recently graduated from college (Diploma in community development). My three younger siblings are in elementary school. I have been raised in a Christian humble background. One thing that echoes in any family setting is, how education is the only key to bring change in the community, and this is something I hold onto dearly. I studied in Kanyungi Primary School, scored 393/500 marks proceeded to Kenyatta High School through a God sent scholarship opportunity and managed to get an A- and at this point I humbly wait to enroll for my University studies at Science Po University in France.

  1. 2)When and how did you get in the HBEF scholarship program?

After completing my primary education, I got a letter of admission to Kenyatta High School. Unfortunately, there stood a barrier, a challenge in paying the school fees. It was a very troubling time since no aid was forthcoming and time was running out, it actually brought me down to some depression moments. However, sometime back through my head teacher we got to know about HBEF, with faith I got the papers and applied for the scholarship and eagerly anticipated for a positive reply. Fortunately I was granted a scholarship to continue studying and things have never been the same ever since I joined HBEF.

  1. 3)In summary, what were the greatest benefits you derived from HBEF program under the period of 4 years now.

Primarily, I’d say that financing my high school education was the major benefit and I always had it in mind that I should work hard to show that I was worthy to receive the scholarship. Thanks to the monitoring programmers held thrice a year this was made possible. I got many skills not just to cope with education but life at large. I would want to extend my sincere gratitude to Madam Sarah who constantly encouraged me and the rest of the team to continuously work smart. I also learnt of the important role HBEF was playing in so many young peoples lives and vowed to do the same in future; to help bright challenged students financially.

  1. 4)Did you hold any leadership responsibility at your former school? If yes, how did this contribute to your own development and success in your performance?

During my high school days, I was an academic representative for my class thought the four years. Having a responsibility to speak for a group of peoples’ needs (academic) was a major milestone for me. I learnt to always be vocal about minor things that contribute to fulfill long term goals. Actually something dubbed “action focus” at one of the monitoring forums. The ability to concentrate on small actions to achieve the major goals.

  1. 5)Tell us about the scholarship opportunity at Science Po University including how you got to learn about it.

After receiving my form four results, I was very happy to have scored fine grades, but that joy momentarily lived. Again the financing of my University education was a problem. I’m a living testimony to God’s miracle because I received a call from HBEF informing me about a possible highly competitive scholarship by Master card foundation (MCF) at Science Po University. At first I was nervous to apply for it is only given to five candidates from sub Saharan Africa would qualify. Yet again, God worked a miracle and I was granted the scholarship through a series of long applications and interviews. At this point I want to greatly thank my mother, because she always believed in me. The scholarship is offered by MCF to help needy students to learn a special program at Science Po (a leadership program comprised in a bachelor of arts) in order to come back and integrate change in the community. It is a fully fledged scholarship which I intend to make the most out of it. After the Bachelor of Arts, I intend to major a masters in Economics or Law.

  1. 6)What are your goals and where do you see yourself in the next 5/10 years from now?

I wish to make the most out of my studies on campus. I tend to major in either Economics or Law. Thereafter, school I want to possibly start a program that gives back to society. This should be aimed at mentoring bright needy children. To uphold and make the motto “Education is a basic human right” not just a dream but a reality. I’m passionate about the possibilities of poverty education through careful economic plan, proper representation of the citizen and intolerance to a major vice in Kenya “corruption”. I hope that in the looming near future I should be taking strides to achieve the above.

  1. 7)Any final thoughts.

I sincerely, want to thank the Hilde Back Education Fund, all the above would surely be impossible without their kind help. May God Bless this organization abundantly. I would also like to send a message to my fellow brothers and sisters currently in High School saying that, “the sky is the limit, by working smart in school, all doors will stand a jar before you”. Always at all times make sure you stand worthy to HBEF scholarship. THANK YOU HBEF.



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