Leadership Training and Psychosocial Support

The development of the HBEF Leadership Training and Psychosocial Support Programme was prompted by the need to help the sponsored children overcome povery-related barriers inhibiting their educational success.

The Leadership Training and Psychosocial support Programme focuses on groups as well as individual sponsored students. It aims at equipping the sponsored children with leadership and vital life skills, as well providing psychological support necessary for the development of an all-rounded person.

Leadership training and life skills coaching workshops, are held during the April, August and December school holidays. Dubbed "Reaching for the STARS" (Strategies to Achieve Remarkable Success), the students get to understand themselves, their potential, and more importantly, the game of life.



Action Focus is a skill I’ve acquired over time. With action focus I’m able to achieve high academically.                                                                                              -Virginia Mwita –Form 4: Moi Tea Girls

Watching ‘a small act” taught me that one shouldn’t give up in life, for your background does not matter, what matters is your future.

               Caroline Munyiva : Mbooni Girls

Perseverance is a skill that I learnt and one has to persevere in order to achieve their goal and has to endure challenges faced and be focused.

 Jared Okeyo-Form 4: Maseno

Visualization as a skill acquired enables one to take control of their life by awakening one’s hidden intuition power.

Amondi Sharon Odhiambo-Form 4: St Albert’s Girls’

As I acquired visualization I learned that it helps one to form mental images of things that could be incapable of being viewed.

Stiven Owino- Form 4: Nakuru Boys High

As a visualized person for a skill I recently acquired, it has enabled me to be very consistent in everything I do and to be specific.                                        Obare Olpha Bitutu-Form 4: Moi Girls Eldoret

Consistency is a skill I have acquired over time and it has enabled me to see that it is about building small empowering habits that one undertakes in every single day that keeps one focused on their highest priorities and goals.                                          Christine David- Form 2: The Kenya High

As I acquired freedom and responsibility as a skill I realized that boundaries are normally put in place to help to keep us safe not to punish us.

Okello Christine Achieng-Form 2: Nakuru Girls

Self talk is the act of talking to oneself aloud, silently or even mentally. Therefore, as a skill I acquired, positively or negatively, one has the ability to change his or her self talk.

Kinyariro Samuel; Kanunga High   

“A small act” showed me a reality that whatever background you come from, all you depend on is hard work-

               Pius Silim; Maranda High School         

Focusing on the positive side of life and being consistent on goals I want to achieve are key things that I acquired from visualization as a skill.

Njeru Mwiti Pius; Mangu High

To identify the value of being and staying energized is the achievement of one’s goals as acquired from staying energized a key skill.

         Kevin Omagwa; Muranga High

Harness the power emotions as a skill, taught me how emotions can boost performance or pull down performance.

           Brian Ogiambo; Bungoma School

“A small act” the documentary, enabled me to see that education is a matter of life and death and doing small acts bring forth a big act of generosity.

     Mambo Felix Kaya; Naivasha High School

Watching “a small act” made me realize that the smallest good thing we do for one person can end up saving the whole world and making more people successful in life.

       Salome Njambi Karemeri : Mary hill Girls

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