I grew up in a family of five inclusive of both my mother and father. My mother is a house wife and my father is an electrician. My younger brother is in class seven and one of my sisters in class five while the other is doing her kindergarten. I have been HBEF for four years now, having got the opportunity of having a scholarship to do my high school education means a lot to me and my family. For this I know I have a bright future ahead of me. This whole entire time I have been with HBEF I learnt that I should pay kindness with kindness and that hard work is rewarding. I want to be very grateful to my sponsor the journey has been smooth regardless the ups and downs in my school performance. All in all, the entire end will be beautiful. THANK YOU HBEF.

Elvis Karanja Muiruri- Kiambu High School from Kiambu County (BMSV2015).

I am Purity Mutisya, I joined the Hilde Back Education Fund Scholarship program from 2014-2017.

I was introduced to the program by the area Member of County Assembly because I had performed well.

I did my KCPE in 2013, joined high school in 2014 to 2017 attaining a grade that granted me a university pass. I leave with both my parents; I will be joining Kenyatta University to undertake Nursing, However; they are financially unstable to cater for my university studies. So am still waiting for financial assistance to begin my further studies.

My greatest benefits from the 4 years with the HBEF program are the motivational talks and the POA skills that helped me a lot. The lessons taught during the program highly motivated me to attain my Grade and I still apply them out here.

My goal is to be a nurse, serve and give back to my community in health care and also internationally in my career. I will be a dedicated & devoted health care advisor to the entire community and society at large.

My own ’small act’ is that am currently volunteering in my former school as a teacher for young children.

Thank you very much HBEF. Wishing you all the best.

I come from a very humble background. It has always been very hard to be raised by my father only after he separated with my mother and had leave. I got fortunate enough to join HBEF and this has helped me realize that I need to give back to the society. I have a lot with HBEF in all the monitoring sessions that we have from time to time. I would like to be very grateful for my sponsorship may God Bless you. THANK YOU HBEF.

Otieno Stanley-Alliance High School from Homabay (BMSV 2014)

I come from a family of seven members. My parents do not work often. They do odd jobs sometimes. This therefore limits me and my siblings to get funds for school. However, on a bright side I got so fortunate to have been granted a scholarship to continue my high school studies. This scholarship has been such a big opportunity for me because it has made me realize my dreams and expectations in has also enlightened me with education that I could not have gained on my own. Being with HBEF helped me to understand the power of helping someone in need, every opportunity should be utilized fully to move a step forward. And one ought to never lose hope because there is always something good about to come up. Therefore, I want to be so genuinely grateful for my sponsorship for I have a bright future ahead.

Nyabuto Victor Mogendi- Nyambaria High School from Nyamira County (2014)

I was raised by a single mother who is a labour worker. In my mother’s situation after separating with my father it was very hard for her to raise funds for me to go to school. Fortunately she discovered Hilde Back Education Fund and I applied for a full scholarship. Being given the chance to study has changed me, I will forever be grateful for the small act of kindness my sponsors have shown. I have been studying for two years now, leaving me with two more to go. In the one year I have been with HBEF, I have learnt that I should always be ready to give to the needy and I should never take second thoughts on giving. Furthermore, I do not only gain funds to go to school. During the holidays we get to be guided on life issues and get counselling sessions.

Florence Njeri Watuku- Nakuru Girls High School from Kiambu County, (BMSV 2016)

 I was raised in a family of two children by a single mother who is a fruit vendor. Being raised by a single parent, it was very difficult for her to fund for school fees. As an elder child I knew I had to work hard to figure out how I would go back for my high school education. Fortunately I discovered the Hilde Back Education Fund and I applied for a scholarship which with God’s grace I enrolled for. On joining the HBEF, I was deeply inspired by the story of Chris for it motivated me so much that, I have learnt that I need to give back to society with just a small act despite my background. After being given this opportunity to get into high school all through the four years, I stand to always be grateful to my sponsor and Hilde Back Education Fund.

Victor Wambugu Mwangi- Mangu High School from Embu County (BMSV 2016)

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